Fiddle Preacher Tribe has changed names and websites! 


Please visit our new home with massive upgrades for what we are now calling

"Tribe MusicCommunity"! 


Explore specific elements that make up the world of music. Whether it be about the Celtic fiddle style, the nuts and bolts of singing, or a backup singer bootcamp, these group classes will not only enlighten you; they will inspire and entertain you as you learn.

music membership

Gone are the days of traditional music lessons. Ignite your passion with the Fiddle Preacher vision! You're not a student anymore. You're a member.


Did you know there is a "Fiddle Preacher Leadership Method?" Taking previous years of music lessons does not automatically make you a good leader or teacher. This is not your grandma's teaching method. It's edgy, fun, real, and packed with as many life hacks as it is with music and teaching hacks. 



Is now the time to let your music change you? 



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South Salt Lake City, Utah