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You don’t have to play the fiddle or be a preacher to be a part of the Fiddle Preacher Tribe. We offer so much more than just music lessons. You will be a part of a group of compassionate, strong, no bullshit, passionate music lovers. You will attend group classes “Class of Masters,” unique music events,  “Tribe Nights,” concerts and trainings. You will high five a lot. You will practice so you can do your part to show up for the group. You will have a soul-filled immersion into the most powerful magic around. Music. 


There is room for everyone in a Tribe. Everyone has a unique contribution to make to the community and are absolutely supported in that.


Tribe Preacher, Bronwen tells a story: "I was talking to a friend once who grew up in the Amazon, think loin cloth till he was 16 and living off the land, and he informed me that in his community only men would hunt. “What if there was a woman who wasn’t good at the ‘woman’ things but she could hunt really well?” I asked. He told me again that women didn’t hunt. “Ok, how about Xena, Warrior Princess? Would she be put to work as a hunter?” He thought. And thought. For a while. “Yes. Xena would hunt.” After a big sigh, I thought, “Why was that so hard?”


As one who didn’t fit my traditional “woman” role, I have an intimate idea of what it is like to be placed in a capacity that doesn’t fit. I believe everyone has something truly special to put out into the world and it’s up to the rest of us to accept and encourage it. Mine is to “Preach.” To inspire people to a better version of themselves through entertainment and mentorship. What’s yours?"



you are not alone.

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