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Learn how to take singing harmony to a new level with this intermediate sonic adventure! We will take it beyond the basics and learn to create different musical colors and textures, harmonically. We will gain an understanding of major and minor 7 and diminished chords and more, to skillfully create and release tension throughout a melody. 


Get ready to take your vocals to a new level of sonic sophistication! 


Singers must be able to sing a pitch that they hear on the piano. Music reading is not required. 

Harmony sessions will be held at the following times:


  • Saturday, May 4 11-12:30 AM

  • Saturday, May 18, 11-12:30AM

  • Saturday, May 25, 11-12:00 AM



Please note: all multi-week courses are sold as a package that includes all weeks. No refunds or discounts are provided for sessions that you cannot attend.

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