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Pricing Types


Fees for Tribe membership + Recurring Private Lessons are based on a monthly ongoing membership fee, with the following options:

Recurring lessons are offered as part of the Tribe + Recurring Lessons membership. Lessons are scheduled at the same time and day weekly. They are billed one set monthly fee, with payment due by the 5th of each month.



Monthly membership includes:


  • Reserved ongoing time slot for compassionate and skillful private instruction

  • Video "spotlights." Short demo video taken of student and teacher at the end of every lesson and immediately available for reference on student file.

  • Free seasonal "jam/recitals," where students will have the opportunity to perform, listen to, and collaborate with other musicians (Past students or workshop attendees who do not pay a monthly membership fee are invited to join, but must pay a $20 fee to participate.)

  • Discounts and/or early access to sign up for any workshops/classes or webinars that Bronwen or other teachers host

  • Opportunity to participate in "Tribe Nights," unique musical outings with the tribe. $20 per tribester.

  • Access to "Dream Builder" inspiration-fueled goal forms, reviewed with teacher. 

  • Access to "Class of Masters" monthly group classes, free if a lesson had to be missed in that month, $20 otherwise.

  • Transferable, Gift-able lessons to music-lovers outside the Tribe


Not ready to commit? First-time students can sign up for a free 30-minute intro lesson with Bronwen to decide if the Tribe is a good fit before committing to a recurring time slot.
Policies and Location


Studio Policies

The Fiddle preacher studio is located in South Salt Lake City, Utah. Sign up for lessons to be sent the exact address.

Key policies are listed below. Each recurring student is required read and sign the full contract prior to their first paid lesson.

  • Recurring lessons cannot be canceled or rescheduled. Students who cannot attend their lesson slot will be invited to attend a special "make-up" masterclass, held on the fourth Saturday of each month, or other options.

  • Payment for all recurring lessons in a month is due in advance of the lessons, on the 1st of each month. 

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