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Bronwen Beecher

Meet the Fiddle Preacher

A classically trained violinist, professional fiddler, rock violinist, vocalist, and guitar-strumming singer/songwriter based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Bronwen has an insatiable passion for teaching and performing music. With over 24 years of teaching experience, it is her expertise and her honor to show students, of all levels, how their music can enrich their lives. Having studied violin performance and music therapy at Loyola University in New Orleans, Bronwen has since enhanced her education by completing certifications in numerous subjects, ranging from professional training in business, yoga, ESL, martial arts and personal development coaching and facilitation. Bronwen is uniquely poised to reach and teach any student, no matter what they want to learn. The founder and "Preacher" of Fiddle Preacher Tribe, Bronwen has developed a teaching method, with which she trains and certifies other teachers and musicians. She is proud to have created a way of passing on music to others that is as stirring to her own soul as it is effective. 


The Fiddle Preacher Tribe musical journey may or may not include: a stage name, local performance opportunities, music business training, jams, a drag queen name and the skill to make the most annoying vocal sound in the world. This all depends on the student.  


For more about Bronwen and her own musical journey, please visit her professional performance website,

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