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"In three weeks Bronwen has helped me feel comfortable with my voice and myself. I sang a song just last week that even I didn't think was half bad! She has recognized and encouraged talent I never knew I had. She has a unique style that I have not come with a word for yet. One of my workmates, a writer, has decided to take voice lessons from Bronwen. She hopes that by working on her "outer" voice, her "inner" voice will follow. Through the magic that is Bronwen Beecher, I believe this will happen." -Patty M.

"If you are looking for more magic with your voice and self-expression, Sign UP! Bronwen is a musical nerdy mage that shows you the magic of your own music." Mary B.

"SO much fun! Bronwen will make you laugh  😂 And it is a safe place to let yourself go and sing. 

I looked forward to going every week. VERY much fun! " Melodee C.

"I went into this course thinking we would be singing right from the get go, but that didn’t happen.  Rather Bronwen took us through a series of basic exercises training our voices so we know really how to use them properly…the mighty mosquito and sultry drag queen became our friends.   Great foundation class even for those who have sang before.  Bronwen makes it fun!!"   -Jeanette B.

"I have taken violin lessons from Bronwen for the past 2 years and have loved every minute (maybe not every song, but every minute.) I am now taking voice lessons and her method of teaching is effective and so much fun." - Patty M.

"I cannot thank you enough. Truly. I never thought I would be able to enjoy singing. I never thought I could do it. And now, with your teaching, your encouragement and guidance I feel like I can. I’m still scared but I’m no longer terrified. All I want to do is sing, to practice all the time. I never want it to end. So thank you. The gratitude I feel cannot be explained through words or perhaps even actions. I feel more like myself than ever before as my voice slowly starts to open up and release. There is immense power that comes with trusting myself. I have spoken about speaking my truth for many years to my students, I was unaware of the block around my throat that your guidance has helped lift. This is only the beginning of my journey with my voice, with my throat, with my power and I can hardly wait to see where this unpredictable path will take me. 
Thank you for supporting me 100%, thank you for withholding 
judgement and creating a space that holds me safely. I am indebted to your kindness and direction. Thank you for helping infuse my life with power joy and showing me another way to access absolute authenticity. Thank you for showing me how to question my self-destructive thoughts and laugh with me through the discomfort. I am excited to continue this journey through my voice with your help and phenomenal instruction." - Annastasia K.  

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