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Learn to preach on YOUR fiddle.

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This three-day 6 hour series will take you and your fiddle/violin through a Celtic immersion. You will learn all the ornaments and techniques that create that rich Gaelic sound.


You will learn new Irish tunes (just in time for St. Paddy’s Day!) and, as a new addition to the series, we will learn to listen to the other instruments in the band that create the rhythmic landscape of a dynamic and deep-rooted culture. There will be jamming and merriment throughout!


This series is mostly Irish- oriented but will touch on Scottish and Cape Breton styles of fiddling as well. Cheers!

Celtic Fiddle sessions will be held at the following times:



Please note: all multi-week courses are sold as a package that includes all weeks. No refunds or discounts are provided for sessions that you cannot attend.

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