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Tribe membership

Students who sign up for Tribe Membership + Lessons get an ongoing, reserved spot of their preferred duration either weekly or every other week. Membership + Lessons is billed at the beginning of each month for all upcoming lessons and optional events in that month.


Please read the Fiddle Preacher studio policies before signing up. Recurring students will be required to sign the studio contract, verifying that they understand all policies and agree to abide by them. Policies to be aware of:


  • Recurring lessons cannot be canceled or rescheduled. Students who cannot attend their lesson slot will be invited to attend a special group masterclass, held on the fourth Saturday of each month, or any of the other makeup options outlined in the policy

  • Students (or their parents) will receive invoices for the upcoming month of Membership 3 days prior to the 1st of each month. Payment is due by the 5th. Late payments will result in a late fee.

  • Acceptable payment methods include: cash, check, credit card, Venmo, and PayPal


Monthly Tribe Membership + Lessons also include perks like one free event per month and access to "Tribe Nights," Fiddle Preacher workshops and webinars. 



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