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excellent multi-week courses with fun people? Yes, please.


Beginner Voice Series

 6 hours - 3 classes - 90 min. each 

- 1 karaoke party!

Laugh your way through the basics.

This series will teach you:


  • How to sing with a comprehensive technique in any non-classical genre.

  • Breath support and control

  • The ability to sing consistently in all parts of your vocal range.

Are you ready to finally learn to sing?



Intermediate Voice Series


 6 hours - 3 classes - 90 min. each 

- 1 open mic

Step it UP.


This series will teach you:


  • How to take your song out into the world.

  • The elements that make a singer into vocal artist.

  • Build upon the Sing! series.

You may be able to sing. But, can you really move your listeners? 



Beginner Harmony Series

 6 hours - 3 classes - 90 min. each

- 1 karaoke party!

Add Your Voice to the Mix

            This series will teach you:


  • The basics of how vocal harmony works.

  • How the heck you know what notes to sing.

  • How to sing something different than the person next to you.

Make every song a little better.


More Harmony

 6 hours - 3 classes - 90 min. each

- 1 open mic

Choir, anyone?

This series will teach you:



  • How to sing in an ensemble, working together.

  • How to sight-sing music.

  • How to improvise harmonies.

Backup Singer Boot camp

 6 hours - 3 classes - 2 hrs each 

Next level singing fun.

This series will teach you:



  • The 3 kinds of back-up vocals.

  • The chord structure of most songs, so you can pick up the pattern quickly

  • How to improvise back-up vocals with other back-up singers.

Who doesn't want to be in a band?!

Celtic fiddle!

 6 hours - 3 classes - 2hrs each 

Get Your Irish On!

This series will teach you:



  • ​How to play a tune and sound authentic in the Celtic style.

  • How to give your playing that special sauce that makes everyone have to dance.

  • How to play the enchantment of a rich culture through your instrument.

We are Better Together!

Just in time for St. Paddy's Day!

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