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Private Lessons 

Bronwen Beecher “The Fiddle Preacher” and other passionate tribe instructors offer private lessons for violinists/fiddlers, guitarists and vocalists. By guiding you through a curriculum customized especially around your inspirations, Fiddle Preacher Tribe instructors connect you with the skills and support you need to discover and express your own inner music.



Learn more about the signature Fiddle Preacher Customized Lessons Approach in the video above. 

Finding Your Music

Have you heard that little voice inside of you? The one that is gently beckoning you to your musical greatness? Are you curious? Are you unsettled? Good. Let's get to work.

Joy in the Journey

Take your time to plug in and let go. Learning music is a hero's journey, not a prescribed destination. Gain skills but also gain insight. You'll get from point A to point B, but connect with the journey and we will enjoy the ride together. 

A Customized Approach

Welcome. Your soul will be embraced here by compassionate instructors who are trained to listen to you and adapt their teaching to you. Your dreams and desires are cornerstones in your musical education here. ​It's about you. It's about the Tribe. High-five. Let's get to work.



(Get a full picture of Bronwen's interests and certifications here.)

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